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What? Where? When?
What? Where? When?
Shooting of the TV game "What? Where? When?" started from February 2002. The participants were: Alexandr Druz,Maxim Potashov, Alexandr Byalko, Alex Mukhin, Ilya Novikov, Victor Sydnev, Andrey Kozlov and other intellectuals, who alongside with Armenian ones were playing against the TV viewers.
2005-2009 the broadcasting of the program was stopped.
In 2010 the Armenian game "What? Where? When?" was retransmitted on Armenia TV.
Starting from 2010 the main prize of Armenian version is "Marble Eagle".
Since 2010 there has been shot and aired 9 seasons, where best 5 were scholars, 4 TV viewers.
Every season includes 8 games: 5 competitions, 2 non-competitions, 1 final. Later the best representative of the group either (scholar or TV viewer) gets the "Marble Eagle".
The most famous players are: Anush Tigranyan, Arman Abovyan, Armen Astvatsatryan, Areg Malkhasyan, Garik Balayan, Hayk Ghazazyan, Levon Grigoryan, Karen Sargsyan, Margar Sedrakyan, Tigran Kocharyan, Tigran Maghaqyan and many others.
Non-competition teams are: political figures (captain Armen Ashotyan), schoolchildren (captain Sona Mirzoyan) and Mass Media (captain Sergey Abrahamyan).
From March to May 2013, we broadcast already 10th season of "What? Where? When?" game.
Main producer and host is Karen Kocharyan.
What? Where? When? Winter season - 04.01.2020
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